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Friendship matters. And so does your time.

Reclaim it.

Hangtight is the ultimate social planning platform designed to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and highly personalized. Our AI-powered engine combines the features of a social planning marketplace and scheduling platform technology to provide you with a seamless and efficient social planning experience, wherever you go.

Personalized Experiences

Share your preferences with us so that our model can learn about the social activities you enjoy. Based on your input, we will send you targeted experience recommendations from our global marketplace that are most likely to be enjoyable for you in your location.

Calendar Optimization

Our calendar system is sophisticated scheduling platform technology that enables users to easily coordinate 1:1 and group activities. This technology links and manages your friends' calendars, showing you when others are available.

Integrated Messaging

Stay connected with our integrated and organized communication and collaboration tools. Our technology includes the ability to share event details, message friends directly and collaborate on event planning in real-time.

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