Abram Herwitz
CEO @ Company

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Abram Herwitz
CEO @ Company

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Get Together, Faster

AI-Powered Social Planning App Reshaping How People Come Together In Real Life




Plan Faster, Better

Hangtight uses cutting edge artificial intelligence to figure out who, what, when, and where a plan should take place

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The world's first AI where one sentence
creates your social life

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Plan suggestions on a map

Smarter Suggestions

Don’t have all the details? We gotchu. And we’ll help you figure out the who, when, and where with little effort!

Payment splitting icon
Payment Splitting

Quickly send payment requests in via Venmo and CashApp to split the cost of your plans

Availability sharing icon
Calendar Linking

Sync your calendars with your friends to auto-find the best times for your plans

OpenTable logo
Reservation Booking

Auto reserve your venue for your plans just by inviting your friends through OpenTable

Social Planning Has Never Been Faster, Better

Say adios, goodbye, sayonara to planning stress!

Hangtight's advanced AI makes organizing events a breeze. Invite your friends, groups, and organizations to meetings, social events, one-on-ones, seamlessly all from one place

Text Invites

Friends not on Hangtight yet? Worry not! Invite them anyways via their phone number and they'll get the details over SMS text

In-App Chat

Need to coordinate things for your plan? Every plan has a built-in messaging so you don’t need to leave the app to figure out the little details


Say goodbye to chaotic group chats! Easily coordinate plans and communicate with your friends, clubs, organizations, sports leagues, or any community that matters to you by using Circles.

Dark Mode? Check ✓

We look fabulous in the dark, too.

Gathr brunch chat screenshotGathr brunch chat screenshot

Chat At Night

Figure everything out for your plan while sending GIFs in the wee hours of the night - or whenever you wish

Empty dark mode flashparse screenEmpty dark mode flashparse screen

Flashparse, Dark

Make your late-night ice cream plans, adventurous escapades, and whatever else you please with ease

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Daniel R.
App Store Review

Group planner's heaven! As the group planner this makes my life easier. People don't have to scroll up on group chats to find details or ask the same question 10 times. All you need is in the app including getting a car to your destination.

Uday S.
App Store Review

It's easy to plan events with your friends, family, and colleagues. Love how effortless the planning interface is, you can speak the plan and then you can see all the details laid out. You can also create polls, book Lyft and Uber rides, and make payment requests. All-in-one!

Brian L.
App Store Review

Perfect app that does exactly what it says it will! Always tired of trying to coordinate group plans or trips? Hangtight does that for groups of existing friends and also with new ones. Happy to use this in Chicago and other cities!

Tanner L.
App Store Review

This app is really great for event planning for any college clubs. It also has so many integrations whether its with payment or social profiles, great app can't wait to see where they take it further and what they add.

Sydney F.
App Store Review

Great for busy parents! Trying to make plans as a full time working parent of 2 is tough- whether the plans involve my kids or not. This app is a game changer. No more texting back and forth about dates and times only to end up getting fed up and not following through. I 'd been trying to meet with a good friend I hadn't seen since before the pandemic for about a year, but it wasn't until we used this app that we actually made it happen. Highly recommend!

Austin C.
App Store Review

Refreshing. In a world full of meaningless social media apps, Hangtight comes in with a clear objective: to get you hanging out with friends and new people. Great app for the struggling introvert OR the busy extrovert. Love the concept and execution.

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