What is Hangtight?

Here at Hangtight we have built the ultimate AI-powered social planning platform for groups to connect in real life. Whether you are a college fraternity, an alumni group, or just a group of friends wanting to connect, never before has planning been more simple. With Hangtight you can: 

  • Circles: Create a Circle for your organization and instantly chat with everyone, poll members, collect member dues, and send invites to events seamlessly
  • See Who’s Attending Events: No more guessing games! Show your members where you’re meeting, who’s attending, and message - all in one place
  • Scheduling Made Easy: Easily search across all attendees’ calendars to find a time that works to meet
  • Use AI to Recommend a Location: Hangtight uses AI to learn what types of hangouts work best for you and your group

Hangtight app makes it easy for a Plan Host to put the details of a Plan together and to simultaneously connect the people invited with the Plan Details and with other attendees. We also make it simple for attendees to keep their social calendar organized and to connect with people they have met at events.

Is Hangtight Available Outside of the United States?

Yes! You can access Hangtight in a diversity of regions and countries around the world, as we expand our hangout planning magic.