What are Hangtight Circles?

Say goodbye to chaotic group chats! Easily coordinate plans and communicate with your friends, clubs, organizations, sports leagues, or any community that matters to you by using Circles.

Circles are an easy way to organize plans and communicate with the people you meet frequently. It can be used as a group chat for the circle members or as an announcement page.

A plan host can easily create a plan from within a circle that automatically invites all of the members of the circle.


You have a Soccer circle and want to schedule a practice with the team. From the chat, you would tap the New Plan icon to create the practice and have all members of the team automatically involved.

What do Hangtight Circles Help Me Do?

  • Chat and coordinate with your groups
  • Invite everyone to plans with one click
  • Ask questions and poll your friends
  • Send payment requests
  • Circles work best with 3+ members

How Do I Create a Hangtight Circle?

Creating a Circle is easy! Simply click on the Circles icon (the one with four dots) on the navigation bar to tap into the Circles screen. Tap on Create Circle and enter the details of your new circle. We suggest you add an GIF or image to add personality and character to the group - and keep things fun!

Once created, members will be able to chat in the group chat and create plans that include all of the circle members.

Can I Edit the Permissions of Hangtight Circle Members?

Yes! The circle owner can set the following permissions: 

  • Only owner can invite new members
  • Only owner can post in chat
  • Only owner can create plans
  • Only owner can remove people from the Circle (Note: a user in a Circle can remove themselves as well)

To change permissions, go to the details page of a circle and you will find the permissions section.