At the core, Hangtight is all about bringing people together in real life. Friendship represents the centerpiece of this critical dynamic in human relationships. We're here to empower your current friendships and also help you foster new ones.

How Do I Add a Friend on Hangtight?

You can add friends on Hangtight in several ways:

Looking up a friend

Head to the Profile section of the app, tap Friends, and tap on Add friend. You are able to search for people by their username (@) or their full name.

Adding from a plan

There will be times where you encounter people in plans that you meet for the first time. To add them as a friend, simply head to the details page of a Plan and tap the Add Friend icon.

Can I Chat With People Who Are Not My Friends on Hangtight?

You can chat with people who are included in any Plans you are invited to or anyCcircles you are a part of, regardless of friendship status.

If you wish to become friends with someone in one of your Plans, simply tap the Add Friend icon next to a users name on the Plan Details page!